Hello world!

I can provide you with all the information and proof that all of humanity is a “victim” and a “witness” of fraud EXAMPLE;

1)”Parents” or “guardian’s” were told to “register” a “child” at the “register office” they are told if you don’t “register” the ” child” the general register office will issue a fine. By fining a living soul that not commit any harm is called EXTORTION which means the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats. AND THATS A CRIME!

2)When the “parents” or “guardian’s” are put in fear to “register” a “child” though extortion  the “parents” or “guardians” DID NOT  get  full discloser  information before they made a decision  on what they have to sign and  according to the law that’s a FRAUDULENT CONNTRACT which again is a CRIME!

3) The Birth  Certificate i.e. legal name is copyrighted by the crown corporation and it says on the birth certificate “this document is NOT to be uses as Identification” and NOT to be used to falsify any documents.
And anybody  using someone else copyrighted material without permission is breaking copyright infringement law which is a crime i.e. FRAUD

4)Using a legal name i.e. birth Certificate  is illegal anybody using it is breaking the law

Most of humanity have proven this to be a fact and  BAR members including lawyers, judges ,barristers can only use the copyrighted material i.e. legal name when they have to swear a oath to the crown corporation to up hold and protect them. there are links below that are exposing the FRAUD against humanity

5) its illegal to use legal name and by using the legal name i.e. birth cert  the crown corporation will tax you for LIFE for using THERE child of THERE creation.
6) By NOT registering ANYTHING to crown corporation humanity will break the chain that is slaving there mind, body and soul  one link at a time!!!

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